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NEO TOPTOY DS (TTDS), support SDHC 256Gbit, plug and play,support cheat code and soft reset! (In stock now, ship out in 24 hours)

the NEO TopToy DS Final SPEC:

* Slot-1 1:1 Original small size
* Build in passme function
* Not need patch, just need drag and drop, then plug and play
* Support all roms, compatibility = 100%
* Support homebrew app & game, auto DLDI patch in memory
* Support moonshell MP3/Movie player
* Support cheat code function, more fun now
* Support 4-class brightness adjust in menu (NDSL only)
* Pure hardware save, never lose data
* Automatically detect and generate save type
* TF menu core upgradeable
* Supports FAT/FAT32, works on any OS
* Supports any TF card speed without any lag in the game
* Built-in power-saving function
* User friendly skin able interface. Touch screen or button operation
* Supports skin DIY
◇Support normal TF and SDHC, up to 4096GByte.
◇Support soft reset in the game
◇Support wireless multi-player (WIFI Game)
◇The save data can use in NDS Emulator directly

the last TTDS menu download : http://www.neoflash.com/go/index.php?option=com_content&task=category┬žionid=4&id=16&Itemid=30

you can see the TTDS review here:

TTDS support SDHC,up to 32GBYTE (256GBit)! The game speed without any slow down.

TTDS come with one free TF USB loader

the packing front-view

the packing back-view

Here is the PAPER BOX version packing:

TTDS Silver Label ---   Please keep this TTDS Silver Label on your TTDS, to prove your TTDS is NEO version and bought from IC2005.com .
Important: If your TTDS don't come with this label, we will never offer any service with it.

how to run at first time:
if you put the TTDS to NDS/NDS-L and run without TF card, the screen will show like this, it's mean you need to put one TF card inside (it's doesn't matter the TF card have how many memory size)

if you put the TF card inside, but don't copy any TTDS menu to it, system can't run still and will ask you copy menu to TF :

ok, here is the operation for make TTDS work with you:

[1] Open the driver CD,go to "x:\CDR - Driver CD\TTDS" , and unzip the "TTDS_English_Driver_Vx.xx.zip" to root of your TF card .
and you can find the last version in here: http://www.neoflash.com/go/index.php?option=com_content&task=category┬žionid=4&id=16&Itemid=30
If you want to use other language, you can choose different menu pack too, now support Chinese simplified / Chinese traditional and English 3 version ,more language version will coming soon.
[2] Insert the TF to TTDS, power on and enjoy it.

the menu option page

support soft reset and cheat code function

how to use the soft reset:
[1] Enable the "soft reset and cheat code option", and click "save" button
[2] Hold L+R+A+B+X+Y in the game, then will return to TTDS menu

the cheat code setting page, you can click the " +" icon in the right of current game title bar for open it

the ENGLISH version TTDS menu come with the last 1.71 version Moonshell, it can let you play: MP3/TTA/AAC/OGG , Movie , Text , Image ...... many kinds multi-media.

and the ENGLISH TTDS menu come with the DSOrganize 2.9 NEO Version, now your NDS have become to one powerful PDA already!

Project description:  DSOrganize is an organizer application that includes functions to do a whole slew of things on the Nintendo DS.  This version features calendar/addressbook/todo/scribble pad/calculator/file browser/homebrew database/web browser/irc client.  You can add plugins or executables to DSOrganize, and it will autopatch and boot homebrew on virtually all cards.  The file browser will let you view or edit text and html, record wav files, listen to wav/mp3/ogg/flac/m4a/aac/sid/spc/nsf/sndh/mod/it/s3m/xm files as well as streaming mp3/ogg/aac, and view gif/jpg/bmp/png files.  The web browser includes support for basic css, images, forms, and most html tags!

Note: if you use the Chinese version TTDS menu and want to use the Moonshell and DSOrganize ,you just need copy the " moonshell-GIGA" / "DSOrganize" 2 folders and "DSOrganize.nds" this file to your TF card, then you can enjoy them immediately.

more NDS APPs and GAMEs you can download from here : http://www.neoflash.com/go/index.php?option=com_content&task=section&id=5&Itemid=34

what come with the packing:
* SDHC USB 2.0 card reader x1
* User menu CD x1
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