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MK5DX-16G 2008 + Rumble Pack

MK5DX-16G 2008 + Rumble Pack

(In stock now, ship in 24 hours)

* Support clean rom,not need any patch,just need drag and drop
* Huge memory space, build in 8Gbit / 16Gbit memory
* USB 2.0 data transfer
* USB disk function, compatible with any operation system
* Build in the last moonshell V1.71 and upgradable
* Support homebrew
* Build in SMS multi save function,and  auto save
* Menu upgradable,just need drag and drop the new core to MK5
* Multi rom support,media play support
* MK5 turbo engin, 100% full game running speed ,without any delay
* Build in passme function,can boot almost GBA flash cart perfectly
* Build in game reset function
* Support rumble function on NDS and NDSL

the hardware of new MK5-DX is same with the first version MK5, but the packing is changed, and it come with the NDS/NDSL 2in1 rumble pack too, you can enjoy the rumble function on your FAT NDS from now!

MK5-DX 16G cart

it come with:
MK5-DX 16G * 1
MK5 USB loader * 1
NDS/NDSL 2in1 rumble pack * 1

The NDS/NDSL 2in1 rumble

Back view, come with one free small screwdriver

By default it work with NDSL directly, 100% fit with NDSL

IF you want to use this rumble pack on the FAT NDS, you can use the screwdriver to change the NDSL small case to NDS big case, to make it work on NDS.

After case changed, the rumble pack size will same with the original GBA cart size.

new MK5 USB Loader 2008 version SPEC:

* Plug and Play, not need any driver
* Support all OS
* Build in LED indication
* Support all third-brand NAND card, like N-card , DS fire  linker ......
* Support USB 2.0
* Don't need NDS console work together. Use like an USB DISK


the new MK5-DX box packing

How to format your MK5 2008 new version with the new menu (from V1.45 + XMenu V2.53, included the OLD MK5 but come with new menu)

[1] Hold START+SELECT when power on, then you will see this MK5 format menu:

[2] Then you can choose the "Quick Format" or "Full Foramt", we suggest you choose the second one, it's more stable.

[3] After it done, then power offer, and link your MK5 to PC for copy the last menu to your MK5 cart, then it'll work again.

Note: If you format MK5 on your PC, it'll never can workable! You have follow this guide.

what's come with the retail box:
* MK5 16G GIGA cart  x1
* MK5 USB Loader 2008 x1
* NDS/NDSL 2in1 rumble pack x1
* Driver CD x1

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