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Magic KEY 3 512M + 128M Zip for NDS

Magic KEY 3 512M + 128M Zip for NDS

Description: Magic Key 3 , the BEST NDS boot device! ( In stock now )

Magic Key 3 512M + 128M zip for NDS can preorder now! Will ship out at end of Oct.

MagicKey2 / MagicKey3 Main Feature:
1.Boot from ANY Flash cart.
2.Included 8Kb high-speed inner cache, can use command to read/write it.
3.Included 2M SRAM for NDS game save ( 100% hardware save, support EEPROM and Serial Flash directly ), and can compress the game save then backup to 16M menu flash later ( SMS function ).
4.Included 16M Flash for menu, can store the MK2 / MK3 boot menu program, and can backup / restore the NDS SMS file
5.Support SD and MMC card directly, maximum memory size up to 16Gb ~ 32Gb. 
6.Included Li-Ion battery, lifetime over  5 years, can keep the game save data around 3~7 days, for temporary using  only, must backup the save data to menu flash later for a long time safe backup.
7.Battery voltage display, can show NDS working voltage and MK2 / MK3 Li-Ion battery voltage.
8.Support software reset, it'll help to make the multi-files loader.
9.Support memory bank swap, very easy to use offset to swap the memory bank.
10.Support power saving mode, some hardware module can enter sleeping mode when it don't run, and can use command to call them wake up.
11*.Included 256M / 512M Flash, for run PD rom and APP rom through MK2/MK3 and not need SD/MMC support. 
12*.Included 64M / 128M Zip RAM, for decompress the data and run directly, also can use for a huge size high-speed working buffer, for example the Linux / EMU / PDA ...

(* note: No.11 and No.12 is for MK3 only, and MK2/MK3 don't support iQue and new color NDS, it's for original version NDS only, and you need to use ANY GBA flash cart to boot it from GBA port)

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