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MK6 save cart + NEO3 NDS Backup cart

MK6 save cart + NEO3 NDS Backup cart
MK6 save cart for NDS/NDS-L, support ALL save type,and can dump your original nds cart to TF! (in stock now, ship out in 24 hours)
Special offer: buy one MK6 SAVE CART get one FREE NEO3 SD/TF cart! 
* please leave your message to the order remark form to tell us you need NEO3-SD or NEO3-TF, if you don't specify it then we will choose it by ourselves.

the NEO MK6 save cart SPEC:
* 1:1 Original small size
* Support all NDS & NDS-L
* Come with 4K/64K/256K/512K/2M/4M EEPROM hardware save, use command to select the save mode,the perfect game save cart for NDS
* Don't need battery,game save data can keep over 50 years
* Support neo2/3 full serial, for run the NEO MENU 2.x
* Build in passme function,can boot almost slot-2 cart
MK6 save cart packing (present the free NEO3):

the nds menu screen

you can select 3 save type before boot the slot-2:
KEY Y --- for boot with 4K save mode
KEY X --- for boot with 64K/256K/512K save mode
KEY A --- for boot with 2M/4M/8M save mode

After boot slot-2,it'll auto load the "_boot_ds.nds" from NEO2/3 SD(TF) card, if can't find this boot file in there then will show this error message,please copy the last "_boot_ds.nds" to SD(TF) root folder.
you can download the last "_boot_ds.nds" from here:

Insert the SD(TF) and press A to enter menu.

Now you can start the run the new 2.0 menu, and you can press X to backup your original NDS game cart to SD(TF).

How to select the save mode for new game?

the new NEO menu 2.xx can detect the save mode with the inner savetype.sdb , but when the new game title can't be find in the menu (it will show "####: no command sent"),you can select the correct save mode by manual still:

[1] Use the L/R to select the save mode, it'll backup your choice to savetype.sdb automatical.

[2] If you don't know what save mode is used by the current game,you just need 2 step to make it workable:
Select the "64/512K" mode first, this mode can support 80% game save already,and this mode can support 4K save too.
If the "64/512K" mode don't work, you can try the 2M or 4M save again.

How to backup your own original NDS game cart to your SD/TF and play it?
Press X button in the NEO menu,then system will ask you insert the original NDS cart and button A to continue.

Start to backup you NDS cart to SD/TF,it'll take a while.

Backup complete.

You can see the new backup rom have appeared on your SD/TF already.

Now use the MK6 SAVE CART to replace with your original NDS cart,then select the new dump rom,press button A to run.

enjoy your own backup game Smiley

the menu upgrade for MK6 / R6-Gold and R6-Silver Beta 0.91 [Jan.8th 2008]

We just finish the new boot menu for MK6 / R6-Gold and R6-Silver, after you upgrade it,can make them support SDHC,and more function.
This is an universal menu, support all MK6 and R6, and it can auto detect the cart type.

How to upgrade :
[1] rename the "R6_Upgrade-0007-selfburn.nds" to "_boot_ds.nds", put it to slot-1 or slot-2 device and run it;
[2] when you see screen show "Install bootstarp" , then insert your MK6/R6 ,press A to continue;
[3] after it finish,re-power on, then you will see the new loader menu.

* If your old MK6 can't be upgrade, please wait our next release.


How to run from MK6 save cart + NEO2/3
[1] enter "for SLOT-2 (MK6 save cart & NEO3)" this folder,copy all 3 files to your TF (SD), and insert to your NEO2/3;
[2] then power on NDS,you will see the loader menu, now you can use A,B,X,Y to select the save type or motion, then use "UP" to load R6 TF slot, or use "DOWN" to boot the SLOT-2 GBA slot.
Tips: when you enter the NDS health screen,please make sure the GBA SLOT was detect already,if you can see NDS detect GBA slot,then it will make menu hang when you press "DOWN".

the new MK6 save cart boot menu

what come with the packing:
* NEO3 SD(TF) x1
* User menu CD x1
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