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SUNDRIVER SATA version (In stock now)



* support the last BCA Protection

* plug and play,100% solderless
* comes with A.I. Boot to auto choose region, support JAP/USA/KOR/EUR all regions perfectly,100% smart and play & play!
* support all old and last wiis
* support D5/D9 games
* support homebrew roms
* support GC games
* support all Wii games with same region
* support partial Wii games with different region
* comes with LED indication on board
* support USB update CPLD core and EEPROM firmware, never out day
* comes with external switch configure board, can change the SUNDRIVER setting and not need open your Wii anymore
* support use PC to select game via USB port
* support NGC game menu, can select game via a nicely GUI, and support Wii console RESET & EJECT button to operate, or use NGC game pad
* running speed: >8X
* support IDE HD + CF memory media, or SATA HD, up to 2000GByte, can store up to 424 games in your HD totally
* data transfer : USB 2.0 high speed, transfer one D5 ISO just need 3:30~5:00 minutes

* Support Sun-Iso format, can save your HD space a lot

* Support NGC menu skin changeable






The SUNDRIVER 2.5' SATA HD version

After install complete, it can put the 2.5' HD to Wii console perfectly

And use USB 2.0 to translate data, upload one game just need 3:30~5:00 minutes

It use 3 ways to select the game:
1. Use on board 4 switch to swap the game
2. Use PC to select the game
3. Use the GC menu to select game on Wii via NGC joypad

If use external 3.5' SATA HD, can support up to 2000GB, can store 424 games at once!


How to install the SUNDRIVER series?


Step #1: Put the 2.5' HD to SunDriver;

Step #2: Insert the right FPC to the FPC socket, and install these 4 pcs Wii driver screws ;

Step #3: Install the Wii cover;

Step #4: Install the Wii face cover;

need to notice here, you must let whole USB port come out complete, don't let the black flannel cover USB port.

Step #5: Insert the USB cable, start to enjoy it!


What come with the SUNDRIVER SATA retail packing:
SUNKEY 8Pin NDP upgrade FPC x1
USB 2.0 cable x1
Screwdriver x1
HD Screw x2
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