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Affiliate Demo Page

the ic2005 affiliate dmeo page  


put the text banner in JAVA code to your site:

Source code: <script type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript 1.2" src="http://www.ic2005.com/shop/banner.php?bid=1&partner=your_name"></script>


put the graphic banner in HTML-code to your site:

Source code:  <a href="http://www.ic2005.com/shop/home.php?bid=2&partner=your_name"><img src="http://www.ic2005.com/shop/banner.php?bid=2&partner=your_name" border="0" alt="Welcome to check all popular gaming cart in www.IC2005.com Smart Shop! For PCE / SNK / GBA / NDS / MD / PSP / XBOX360 ......" /></a>



put the product banner in HTML-code to your site , you can choose any product and put them to one page:



Source code:  <script type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript 1.2" src="http://www.ic2005.com/shop/banner.php?bid=4&partner=your_name&productid=35"></script>

More details and codes please register your affiliate account firstly:  Click here to register as an affiliate , then you can click here --- http://www.ic2005.com/shop/partner/home.php to check what commissions you will get .



Hope you can earn the bonus from IC2005 soon, remember we will pay you via PAYPAL , so you have to prepare one PAYPAL account firstly.

please contact to order@ic2005.com  for more help .