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SNK 5V/5A DC Power Adapter

SNK 5V/5A DC Power Adapter


Description:  SNK 5V/5A DC Power ADAPTOR  

* 100V ~ 240V AC IN
* 5V / 5A DC out
* Support SNK AES 5v version console

the 5v/5A DC adapter photo:

come with 5A DC output, 100% powerful and stable!

why you need it? please check here: The guide for how to fix 99% SNK MagicKey issue


SNK MagicKey need more DC power current to work, you should use the 9V/3A or 12V/3A output DC adapter, the original 11V/700mA or 5V old snk DC adapter is can’t use with SNK MagicKey. And if your snk console is 5V version, then you should use 5.5V~5.7V and with 3A output DC adapter, to make sure SNK MagicKey get enough DC power current to run stable.

You can not use the normal 5V adapter, because if you use 5V,pass some power circuit adjust in SNK console ,the SNK cart slot will get 4.1V~4.3V finally, this voltage is too low and will make magickey working unstable even stop to work totally.

BTW, you can use some “special” 5V DC adapter still, like 5V/5A big power current adapter, this type 5V adapter can afford enough 5A DC power to make a very low voltage loss at the end, so this type DC adapter will working stable also.


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