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NEO2 Pro 1024M Flash Cart + SL4

NEO2 Pro 1024M Flash Cart + SL4
Neo2 Pro flash cart

Description:  NEO2 Pro 1024M Flash Cart
( In stock,ship in 24 hours )
NEO2-PRO is in stock now!
driver download :http://www.neoflash.com/go/index.php?option=com_content&task=section&id=4&Itemid=30

forum: http://www.neoflash.com/forum/index.php/topic,6136.0.html

Neo2 Pro SPEC:
* Run the GBA/NDS clean rom from SD/Mini-SD/TF directly,not need any extra patcher
* 100% GBA hardware save function
* Build in 3 set separate RTC
* Build in 16 bit DMA
* Build in 8Kb inner high-speed buffer
* Build in 4M sram
* Build in 32M flash menu
* Build in 256M Zip RAM,support compressed ROM
* Build in 512M-1024M flash memory
* NEO2-PRO support NDS and NDS-lite
* NEO2-PRO support NDS games and GBA games
* NEO2-PRO support MK 3/MD/32X/NES/SNES/N64 games through Neo Myth flash cart
* Menu upgradable, just run the new menu from TF then can upgrade
* Come with one driver CD

the NEO2-Pro cart

the packing

what's come with the retail box:
* NEO2-Pro 1024M flash cart x1 (black color)
* USB Slim Loader IV x1
* Driver CD x1

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